Voting a leader
if more than half of the players within a country (the same x,y co-ordinates) vote for the same player to be their leader, that person becomes leader, and is able to appoint governors of Income, Diplomacy, and Communications. They are also able to choose a picture to represent their country, and a name for their country.

Governor of income
The governor of income is the only player within a country who can not only donate to people within their own country, but also any other player in the game. This can benifit your country by funding allies or bribing enemies.

Governor of communications
Your governor of communications is able to moderate your forum. This means creating and deleting threads, or editing or deleting posts within threads.

Governor of diplomacy
Your governor of diplomacy can choose another country with which to ally, and a country to declare war on. Having allies to help you in times of need, and enemies to "borrow" workers from will help your country to grow.