Once your army has reached a kingdom it may attack. First of all your fighting units will attack each other, and any defensing buildings will engage the attackers units. The order in which they attack is determined by their speed. Either side may gain a bonus to enhance its defense during the battle (and decrease their losses) such as "securing a village to defend". After the battle has resolved, if there are any slavers alive in the attackers army, and workers in the defenders kingdom, the attacker may succeed in stealing some workers (see Units: Slavers). Finally, the attackers army may either stay stationed within the defenders kingdom, or may return to its own kingdom. If more than half of its units have been lost, the attackers army will certainly return to its own kingdom.

Besides any experience either army has, you troops will fight with a different level or strength and defense depending upon the relationship between you and the defender. If the defender is in an allied country, or is part of the same clan as you, your troops will be considerably less effective in combat. Likewise, if the defender is in a country that is at war with your own, your troops will fight with increased strength.